Sake Judging and Awards 審査とアワードについて


Judging and Awards

The International Wine Challenge awards medals and trophies to sakes based on quality. The IWC also awards Great Value Sake Awards, Champion Sake and the Sake Brewer of the Year, which are announced on 9th July 2024.



Judging is split into two rounds:
審査は2ラウンドに分かれます :

Round One
Sakes are either marked as out, given a Commended award or progress to the next round. The IWC Sake Chairs re-taste all outs and commended sakes to confirm the mark. If the IWC Sake Chairs may re-enter a sake into round two to give it another chance, if they believe the sake is eligible.

審査では、アウト、コメンディットと記されるお酒、もしくは第2ラウンドへ進むお酒の3つに評価されます。アウトとコメンディットと記されたお酒はIWCのコ・チェアがを再度審査を行い、評価に間違いがないかを確認しIWC コ・チェアが相応しいと確信した出品酒はメダル候補としてラウンド2へ進みます。

Round Two
Qualifying sakes are re-tasted and marked as out, given a Commended award or awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze medals. All sakes are re-tasted to verify the results.


Trophy Tasting
Sakes awarded Gold medals progress to the Trophy round for re-tasting. Gold and Silver medal-winning sakes that fall into the Great Value category are also tasted at this time. Regional and national Trophies and Great Value medals are awarded. All Trophy winning sakes are re-tasted by the IWC Chairmen who then decide which sakes should be awarded the Champion Trophies.


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