The Discovery Tasting


IWC 2018 Discovery Tasting wines are presented at a free-pour tasting at the London Wine Fair, 21-23 May 2018 and the Restaurant Show, 1-3 October 2018 at Olympia London.


Wines will be grouped by target market (off-trade independent and off-trade multiple or on-trade) and by country and style, enabling buyers to easily browse and find products relevant to them.

Looking for representation?

The Discovery Tasting provides a unique platform for IWC competition entrants who are seeking representation in the UK. Only wines that don’t yet have an importer to the UK are eligible to participate. Buyers from all channels, including supermarkets, agents, independents, and major restaurant and hotel chains, attend the IWC Discovery Tasting.

To enter the Discovery Tasting, please see section 2 on the entry form. You must enter the IWC in order to submit your wines for the Discovery Tasting. It is essential that you indicate your primary focus (off-trade independent, off-trade multiple or on-trade) so that we can send your wines to the most relevant show. Producers are not required to be present. 

The fee (per wine) to be included in the IWC 2019 Discovery Tasting is £65* on top of the standard entry fee. Two additional samples are required to be sent. The cost to ship wines to be included in the Discovery Tasting using the IWC shipping deal is £57.32* per entry.

* Plus VAT, where applicable

"The Discovery Tasting offer is a very convenient opportunity to taste un-imported wines in the summer – which is a great buying period for us. With the wines laid-out by country it is easy to taste through a specific wine category quickly and efficiently e.g. American Zinfandel. Over the last 3 years we have often followed up on tastings at the show as we are confident that the wines in the Discovery Tasting don't yet have an importer and are clearly keen to work in the UK as they are investing in the show."

Sarah Knowles, wine buyer, the Wine Society