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IWC announces new shipping partner

International Wine Challenge teams up with logistics experts Hillebrand Gori to get bottles “smoothly and conveniently” to its esteemed judges…


IWC’s new shipping partner Hillebrand Gori, a DHL company, will streamline the consolidated shipping process and get wines to London “smoothly” and “reliably” from wine producers around the world

IWC announces new shipping partner
  • Chris Boiling
  • 2023-12-12
With two months to go before the consolidated shipping deadline, the International Wine Challenge (IWC) has announced a new shipping partner. For the 2024 judging, the world’s most rigorous, impartial, influential and global wine competition is partnering with logistics and shipping experts Hillebrand Gori, part of the DHL group, to streamline the consolidated shipping process and get wines to London “smoothly” and “reliably” from wine producers around the world.
IWC says this new strategic collaboration has several benefits:

  • Global reach: With DHL’s expansive network of warehouses and branches, Hillebrand Gori ensures that wines from more than 50 countries can “smoothly and conveniently” participate in the Challenge.
  • Secure and efficient transport: Hillebrand Gori’s track record in secure and efficient logistics aligns with IWC’s commitment to the integrity and safety of every bottle entered.
  • Access to 22 depots: Producers now have access to 22 Hillebrand Gori warehouses worldwide, enhancing convenience and streamlining the shipping process.
  • Expansion to new territories: New countries, including China and Argentina, have been added to IWC’s shipping network.
  • Ability to track wines: The IWC team will be able to login to a portal and see which entries have been delivered to the warehouses. From 2025, it is hoped that wine producers will be able to track their wines from their IWC accounts.

“A new era of accessibility and excellence’
Andrew Reed, IWC’s managing director, commented: “We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Hillebrand Gori as our new shipping partner. Their expansive presence, encompassing offices and warehouses in participant countries, including new territories such as China and Argentina, aligns perfectly with IWC’s commitment to global inclusivity. This partnership ensures that our participants, no matter where they are, experience a seamless and secure journey for their exceptional wines to be part of the International Wine Challenge. Together, we toast a new era of accessibility and excellence.”
Dominique von Orelli, CEO Hillebrand Gori, stated: “Wines recognised by the International Wine Challenge are synonymous with the highest quality. This seal of approval serves as a benchmark within the industry, mirroring the standard we aspire to set with our logistics and transportation services in the wine, beer and spirits sector. We take immense pride in contributing our logistics expertise to support this renowned industry event.”

Timeline for IWC 2024

Consolidated shipping deadline with Hillebrand Gori: February 5, 2024
Private courier shipping deadline: March 15, 2024
Private courier shipping deadline (within UK): March 25, 2024
Judging – Medals: April 15-25, 2024
Judging – Trophy: April 28-29, 2024
Medal results: May 16, 2024
Trophy results: May 21, 2024
IWC Awards announcement: July 9, 2024

Entry fee

Online entry per wine (no hidden fees): £153 + VAT*
Discovery Tasting per wine (additional to entry fee): £79 + VAT*
Consolidated shipping per entry: £63.50 + VAT*
*UK only. European companies with a valid VAT registration number do not have to pay UK VAT. Countries outside the EU do not pay UK VAT.


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