Why enter your wines into the International Wine Challenge?

Wine producers from around the world enter their wines to be judged by the International Wine Challenge because they trust the IWC to help their wines stand out on a global platform.  At the IWC Awards, we interviewed some of the top ranking producers, importers and retailers in the competition to find out how important receiving an IWC Trophy can be for their business:


Cowrie Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2018 – Waitrose


'We have worked on this together for a long time doing the blending in New Zealand, it’s a demonstration of what we do and how we like to work with our supplier base.'

Anne Jones Waitrose & Partners, Category Buyer Drinks 

'The IWC competition can help catapult your wines onto the international stage, it increases awareness of your product to a global audience and helps drive sales as awards deliver added confidence to consumers, as winning a gold medal or trophy within your specific category places the wine on a pedestal which shouts “try me, I’m best in class”, so logically this drives trial. In addition to the outward benefit, for all employees within your own business it delivers a huge amount of pride and reward for the hard work that goes into making the wine, this filters down to all aspects of the business, from vineyard worker to winemakers, it’s a win-win!'

Johnathan Butt, Indevin

Casa Ferreirinha Papa Figos Red 2017


'We are really proud to win this award…but we worked for it! We tried to produce a wine that was easy to drink every day, but with great quality – that’s what we work towards every day, so to win the award makes us try to do better and better.'

Luís Sottomayor, Winemaker


'We are thrilled to win this IWC award again, it’s the first time in 3 or 4 years, it’s what we gauge ourselves on, so we are really, really pleased.' 

Graham Nash, Product Development Manager, Tesco

Tenuta Di Capezzana Vinsanto Riserva 2011


'We are very proud to win this award; the wine is made in a very traditional way… We joke that it is the winemaker’s fourth child as she uses so much care looking after the grapes. We are so proud to receive this award.' 

Winemaker Benedetta Contini Bonacossi and Beatrice Bonacossi

Justino’s Madeira Terrantez 1978


'It’s great and important for us to win this award, for us it’s a ‘must’ to be in the International Wine Challenge, it’s the third time we have been nominated for this prize.' 

Júlio Fernandes, Comercial Director, Justino’s

Rare Champagne Millésime 2006


'I have been chef de cave for a long time at Charles Heidsieck, and Piper Heidsieck and today for the first time I have won with Rare champagne. The IWC award is a testament to the House, the team and the owner. I’m very proud of this IWC trophy.' 

Regis Camus, Winemaker, Rare

Riesling Ried Zöbinger Gaisberg Erste Lage Kamptal, 2017


'It’s a really big honour to hold this prize, not only for our winery but also for the whole of Austria, to show the whole wine world how amazing and how much potential Austrian wines have – I’m really overwhelmed!' 

Birgit Eichinger, Winemaker

Tio Pepe Cuatro Palmas Amontillado


'I feel really proud of this IWC Champion of Champions trophy… For me, and for Gonzalez Byass. It is the Champion of Champion wine and I want to dedicate this trophy to my colleagues at Gonzalez Byass and to my wife Silvia and my children Marcos and Silvia. Long live the Sherry Revolution!' 

Antonio Flores, Winemaker

Weingut Angerhof Tschida, Hans Tschida


'Winning the IWC Sweet Winemaker of the Year award truly demonstrates how we produce our wine. There is no compromise in quality or vinification. We are very happy and an honour for us to win this award.' 

Lisa & Daniella Tschida, wife and daughter of Hans Tschida (the winemaker)

Emilio Lustau, Sergio Martinez


'To win this IWC award is spectacular. It's more and more difficult each year, but with the Emilio Lustau team everything is possible.' 

Sergio Martinez, Winemaker

Neil McGuigan, McGuigan Wines


'For us the IWC Award is an outstanding achievement – for us, it backs up all the hard work that has been done by the winemakers, the vineyard guys, to the guys in the office. It’s a team effort.'

Thomas Jung & Julian Dyer Australian Vintage

Bird in Hand, Dylan Lee & Kym Milne MW


'To win the IWC Red Winemaker of the Year award, such a prestigious award on a global stage, is a credit to our winery team recognising their dedication, hard work, and passion. To be awarded for wines across different varieties, styles and vintages, that shows we are able to set and consistently maintain a high level in our winery.' 

Dylan Lee, Winemaker

IWC 2019 Len Evans Trophy (for consistency over 5 years)

Maison Albert Bichot

'This IWC award is for consistency. Every year we show our wines, it convinces customers to keep returning to Bichot for the best wine, the best expression, vintage and terroir.' 

Alain Serveau, Winemaker

IWC Great Value Champion Red of the Year 2018

Domaine des Tourelles Red 2014

'The IWC Award is recognition to the country for the hard work we are doing, and brings Lebanon to the world map!' 

Faouzi Issa, Winemaker & Owner

IWC Great Value Champion Fortified of the Year 2018 

Booths Manzanilla Dry Sherry

'IWC awards are just really some of the best in the world, so it's fantastic that the work we are doing with our suppliers is recognised.'

Victoria Anderson, Wine Buyer

 IWC Biodynamic Trophy 2018

Stefano Lubiana Wines Ruscello Pinot Noir 2016

'Tasmania is a pristine environment, jewel in the crown in Australia and we make beautiful wines. This wine represents zero synthetic, we are proud to be biodynamic. This IWC award gives other people the incentive to come our way.' 

Monique Lubiana, winemaker

IWC Great Value Champion White of the Year 2018

Florent Rouve Viré-Cléssé 2016

'It’s a fantastic honour to win an IWC Award, for this producer who makes brilliant white Burgundy. We are chuffed we can show that it’s not just about the top wines, it's about the great value wines as well, and that’s exactly what you’ve got with this Burgundy.'

Sue Daniels, Senior Technologist, Marks and Spencers

Visit our YouTube channel to watch more interviews from the IWC 2019 Awards Dinner with some of our top-rated producers.

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