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IWC bottle-stickers & artwork licences (to use the IWC medal logo on bottles), are available to purchase for awarded wines in the 2022, 2023 and 2024 IWC Competition.

Wine & Sake Bottles displaying the awarded logo, not only deliver clear visibility of your achievements, but also provide a crucial step in helping guide consumers to buy your winning wine at point of sale. For more information on boosting your wine sales, please click here

IWC artwork licence is available online, all requests will be processed within 48 hours of receipt*, and artwork emailed once approved.

To purchase the IWC medal artwork for use on your bottles, Please click here to request a license: Request a License

Medal Sticker Volume Discounts* - 10% off orders over £940, 20% off orders over £2350 & 40% off orders over £11,750

Medal Sticker Delivery Charge* - Whilst delivery is free of charge, the IWC is not responsible for any local charges or duty that are applied at the point of reception. All orders will be automatically dispatched to the address on your IWC Account unless an alternative address is sent to within 24hours of your order being placed.