About the Challenge


In its 37th year, the IWC is accepted as the world’s most rigorous, impartial and influential wine competition. The IWC assesses every wine ‘blind’ and judges each for its faithfulness to style, region and vintage.  Each medal-winning wine is tasted on at least three separate occasions by a minimum of 12 different judges including Masters of Wine.  Awards include medals (Gold, Silver, Bronze) and Commended awards.  The IWC is committed to helping consumers discover great wine, and the medals displayed on winning bottles offer a trusted guarantee of quality.

IWC 2020 Entry Timeline 

Entry deadline  6th October 2020
Consolidated shipping (Hellmann) 
From 1st August to 18th September 2020
Private shipping  Until 8th October 2020
Judging 1st to 14th November 2020
Medal and Trophy Results  26th November 2020


Entry Fee

Online Entry per wine £133 +VAT*
Discovery Tasting per wine
(additionnal to Entry fee) 
£70 + VAT*
Consolidated shipping (Hellmann) per entry £55 + VAT*

*UK only. European companies with a valid VAT registration number do not have to pay UK VAT. Countries outside the EU do not pay UK VAT.


Processing and judging at a glance 

Wines from the depot are checked, given a unique code, repackaged and sent to the tasting venue in preparation for the judging.

2-Sorting and Photographing
On arrival wines are unloaded on to shelves in a temperature controlled storage facility. Wines are organised by style then country so that they are easy to locate. At this stage wines are also photographed for our website.

3-Picking and Flighting
Wines are picked from the shelves and put into 'tasting flights' – a group of wines with a similar style and from the same country and region. All flights are then put into blind tasting bags and tagged with their unique identifier to keep their true identity concealed. The wines are now ready for judging.

4-Round One
Round one of the judging commences. Wines are either marked as 'out', given a Commended award or progress to the next round. The IWC Chairmen then re-taste all 'outs' and 'commended' wines to confirm the mark. If the IWC Chairmen believe the wine is eligible it may be re-entered into round two to give it another chance.

5-Round Two
Round two of the judging begins. Wines are marked as 'out', given a Commended award or awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze medals. All wines are re-tasted by the IWC Chairmen to verify the results.

6-Trophy Tasting
Wines awarded Gold medals in both Tranche 1 and Tranche 2 progress to the Trophy round. The results are then combined and Tranche 1 and Tranche 2 wines put into new 'flights' for more blind tasting. Gold and Silver medal-winning wines that fall into the Great Value category are also tasted at this time. Regional and national Trophies and Great Value medals are awarded. All Trophy winning wines are re-tasted by the IWC Chairmen who then decide which wines should be awarded the Champion Trophies.

Once the judging has ceased all bottles, left over wine, packaging and corks all get recycled.