Medals and Awards: Celebrating Excellence

Winning a medal at the IWC is more than just recognition; it's the ultimate third-party endorsement of your brand's exceptional wines. Our medal system is designed to distinguish the best of the best, and we believe that every level of recognition is a significant achievement.

IWC Medals and Awards

IWC Medal system

  • Trophy Winners and Special Awards: These are the 'Best in Show' wines and the talented winemakers behind them, representing the pinnacle of excellence.
  • Gold Medal (95 – 100 Points): The coveted Gold Medal signifies wines that have achieved extraordinary quality, with a score ranging from 95 to a perfect 100.
  • Silver Medal (90 – 94 Points): Silver Medals are awarded to wines that consistently impress, scoring within the impressive range of 90 to 94 points.
  • Bronze Medal: An acknowledgment of wines that exhibit notable characteristics and quality.
  • Commended Award: Even at this level, wines are recognised for their distinctive features and commitment to excellence.

While the Gold medal is often the goal of many producers who enter the competition, it's crucial to understand that Commended awards, Silver, and Bronze medals are also recognised as significant achievements. These distinctions can play a pivotal role in enhancing your brand's image and driving sales. At the IWC, we celebrate excellence in all its forms and salute the dedication of wine producers from around the world.

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