IWC Partners


The IWC is partnering with The Grocer Drinks Awards to support and expand our judging of the international wines.

The IWC Great Value Champions will be promoted via The Grocer Drinks Awards to increase awareness of this important IWC category.

The Grocer Drinks Award will also judge the fruit and flavoured wines category, which will act as an extension of the IWC awards and will be relevant to a number of our entrants.

"The IWC is delighted to be working with The Grocer on their new awards initiative.
The creation of this exciting new awards scheme also allows The Grocer to engage with the fast growing flavoured wines category that has a different style and presentation in the wine category, introducing new customers into the category who will then trade up as their taste profiles evolve, which can only be good for the category! The differentiation of wine and flavoured wines means it is impossible to judge them against the same criteria which is why the link up with the IWC is so logical." Andrew Reed, Managing Director, William Reed Business Media